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            Global building materials industry well-known brands

            Relying on quality to win the market, we rely on good faith to win the brand, and create a new era decorative building materials industry!

            Shandong Huamei Building Materials Co.,Ltd(its predecessor is Linyi Huamei Gypsum Building Materials Co.,Ltd)located in Linyi City, Shandong Province,China,it is a specialized company covering scientific research ,development, production and sales for decorative products of drop ceiling.......[More]

            01/20 years of industry experience focusing wall decoration products

            Founded in 1996, with the production of precipitation technology nearly two decades. The company has self-developed automatic production line can ensure the products with good quality and precise appearance Size。

            02/Advanced technology, improve the quality control system

            Strong technical force, professional equipped, advanced technology and equipment, excellent quality of service, the company has applied to the appearance of patents, utility model patents, patent total of more than 20 patents

            03/Improve sales service system sound

            Professional customer service team, can provide you with 7 * 24 hours one to one with a single service, the first time to solve your technical doubts。

            04/The common choice of brand display quality global customers

            The company has long been in good faith to pay, to give customers the universal recognition and praise, and establish a good reputation, the products are exported around the world。

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